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Funding Sources

Third Party Investigation. A third party for the purpose of leaking underground tanks is someone other  the homeowner. For example, this would be your neighbor’s property or the ground water. Soil on the property line and the ground water would have to be tested. Typically, ground water investigations are conducted through the homeowner’s insurance carrier, who hires their own contractor. MTS will work closely with the insurance company to determine the ground water quality and steps for remediation when necessary. We will conduct third party investigation independently, if necessary.

NJDEP Underground Storage Tank Fund
The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has a fund for the removal of non-leaking oil tanks and a separate fund for cleaning up contamination from leaking oil tanks. While both funds ran out in April 2011, The leaking fund is still accepting applications and logging them in. They will not review these applications until funding resumes. The non leaking fund will not accept applications. They may process application for tanks removed after April 2011 when they get funding again. However, this may be a long process. The NJDEP projects that applications received today will be not be reviewed for funding until 2016.

Before the fund was exhausted, MTS secured funding from the NJDEP for remediation from leaking underground tank for many homeowners. We have filed paperwork for more then a dozen homeowners waiting for the funding to be re established. Because the paperwork for this funding is extensive, Moore’s Tank Services will fill out and furnish the application for your review.
Click here to view the state funding approval document.

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